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Hey, just got Kingpin from the sale on GoG and loving it.

However, I'm stuck in the mission where you have to get Louie's stuff from a safe. I hired some thug who said he could open the safe. When he got near the safe (behind the once electrified fence in an office) he crouched for a brief moment near the safe aaaannddd... Nothing happened. The safe didn't open. How am I supposed to open it?
Same, here, I beat this game a few times when I first bought it for my pentium 4 but that was a long time ago.

you did good. you have to give the safe-cracker a special command.

point to the cracker, press 'Q' to give special command, then point to the safe, and press 'F', the activation key.

i had to do it a few times before the cracker got the message :)

i got this tip from the wlak-thru at

it's also in the manual, if you want to look it up.