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Death Pit Final by Conor
Death Match

This is a small, arena style, DM map with a central pit area and an outside corridor. It has a concrete and metal theme with red lighting. It has ample health and armour and all weapons except the tommygun and flamer.

You can download Death Pit Final from here:-
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Two more new maps by Macanah
Death Match

Macanah has converted two more of his Quake2 death match maps to Kingpin

Soisv2 This one is a medium sized, two level, multi room map. It has minimal textures and features several teleports. There are ample weapons and items.

Firelight is a smallish, multi level, Quake2 style map. It features lifts, jump pads and a teleport. and is a darkish environment. There is lava at the bottom of the map that is instant death and there are enough weapons and items in the map.

You can download the maps from here:-
soisv2.jpg (40 Kb)
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Team Winter's Edge 2016

I have revised the Bagman Map called Team Winter's Edge which was made by Stigma.

This map had an issue with the downloadable custom sky, some spawn points and the middle area of the map.

This is a small Bagman map set during the Winter season. The ground is covered with snow and there are some Winter themed textures such as the snow covered trees that surround the map. The map also features a custom sky, that is downloadable from servers, and it is snowing. It has two money drops which are the cash rolls.

There are ample weapons and other items and it has twenty player spawns but will be good with four or more players.

You can download Team Winter's Edge 2016 from here:-
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4Room Urban 2016
Death Match

There were a couple of little annoying issues in my 4Room Urban map so I updated it with a few fixes.

The fixes are:-

Added clip brushes around the ladders and the wire fence so you don’t get caught on them anymore.

Removed one grenade ammo.

Darkened the middle, top, room a little.

Improved the texture joins in the room with the yellow wallpaper room so it’s harder to see where the textures join together.

You can download 4Room Urban 2016 from here:-
-=Deadthings=- 2016
Death Match

This one is a small, arena style, dark and moody, death match map. It is a update/fix of Stigma's -=Deathings=- map.
Hypov8 helped fix this map. We fixed a hom error, the lightning weather effect, some sound files, a texture error and moved some crates around the map.
The main focus is a two level structure in the centre of the map and also two streams of water that criss-cross in the middle where there is a cooling mod.
There are four structures around the edge of the map which you can jump into to get some good items.
The map contains some custom textures as well as a few single player props and weather effects. Hypov8 fixed the lightning effect which didn't work in the original map.

You can download -=Deadthings=- 2016 from here:-
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Team Japan

Team Japan is a smallish Bagman map with a Japanese theme. The layout is based on an unreleased map from 2004.
It uses mostly custom textures and includes some Oriental custom sounds.
There are two ways out of each base and the money drop is the cash rolls.
There are ample weapons and other items and twenty four player spawns.
Hypov8 helped with this map lowering rspeeds, fixing the sound files and creating a couple of custom textures.

You can download Team Japan from here:-
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Midnight v3 by Hypov8
Death Match

Hypov8 has revised the Midnight death match map and has now released the updated version (kp_biodm_v3).

The Midnight map is a medium sized map converted from the game SiN. It uses all the original SiN textures and a custom sky environment. It is set in some sort of biochemical plant.

Hypov8 added a new downloadable custom sky, fix some texture issues, added more items and some crates and changed the lighting.

You can download Midnight v3 from here:-
Team Woods 2016 by Hypov8 and Fredz

Team Woods 2016 is a mirrored, medium sized, Bagman map set in the woods.

The bases are in log cabins surrounded by rock walls and streams. Behind the cabins are stashes of weapons.

To get to the other teams base you travel through the groves of trees and the middle section which is a river. There is a bridge across the river with the money drop. There are also four sentry posts, two on each side of the river.

There are underwater tunnels some of which push you along with the current and so only go one way and others have no current so you can travel either way.

You can download Team Woods 2016 from here:-
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Ancient Sky Castle
Death Match

Ancient Sky Castle is a smallish death match map made by Deadbankclerk and me (with help from hypov8).

As the name suggests the map is set in the ruins of an ancient temple in the sky. It uses all custom textures and a custom sound.

It has twelve player spawns and ample weapons and items.

You can download Ancient Sky Castle from here:-
dm_asc-3.jpg (132 Kb)
dm_asc-7.jpg (119 Kb)
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Facility 2016
Death Match

Facility 2016 is a revised and fixed version of the old Facility map.
The original Facility map is based on part of the Facility level from the old N64 game Goldeneye and made by Gren Kutz.
There are a lot of changes but the main ones are the doors that were imbedded in the ceiling have been fixed.

You can download Facility 2016 from:-
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Trainyard Mayhem2 2016
Death Match

This is a map that was created by [YFS]Mayhem, but left unfinished, and then completed by me and Hypov8.

Trainyard Mayhem2 is a medium sized death match map set in a trainyard. It has three main areas (train workshop, transfer station and carriage loader area). These area are connected by corridors, tunnels and crawl space.

It has ample weapons and items and ten player spawns. There are two HMG mods, one which is accessed via a tunnel and the other one you have to activate the carriage loader, jump onto the cariage and then jump to the mod

You can download Trainyard Mayhem2 2016 from:-
bite-2.jpg (82 Kb)
bite-6.jpg (106 Kb)
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Team Bite 2016

Team Bite 2016 is a multi level, Quake 2 style, map set in space. There are a multiple of ways to reach the other team's base. The Dragon' base is on the top level while the Nikkies base is on the lowest level with the money drop in the middle level.

There are ramps and ladders to move between levels and jump pads from thee lower to the middle levels.

There are 12 player spawns for each team and you spawn in seperate rooms and then teleport onto the main map :)

It uses mostly custom textures (a couple made by Hypov8) and some custom sounds including two Cypress Hill samples.

You can download Team Bite 2016 from:-
bite-4.jpg (103 Kb)
bite-5.jpg (101 Kb)
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DM Downtown 2016
Death Match

Whoop Ass has now released his new map DM Downtown 2016. It is a death match version of one of his Bagman maps.

It is a medium sized map that uses mostly custom textures. It has 14 player spawns and plenty of weapons and items. See if you can find the secret room with a message to Frozen (aka Illmo) :)

You can download DM Downtown 2016from:-
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Death Match

Whoop Ass has released a new death match map called Zoar. The name means small in Hebrew.

This is a small, urban style, death match map. This map is meant for fast action and kills

Two tommies and shotties and one of each of the rest of the weapons and not much ammo. Eight player spawns and no where to hide :P

You can download Zoar from:-
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Blood by Macanah
Death Match

Macanah has released a new death match map for Kingpin called Blood. It is a conversion of one of his Quake2 maps. It's a smallish map similar in style to his other maps. There are eight player spawns and one of every weapon.

You can download Blood from:-
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