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In the Cold Light of Day
Here is my latest deathmatch map. In fact it ended up becoming two maps. The normal one and a larger version
It is a medium/large size, urban style, DM map for Kingpin
The map is set in an urban city environment so there are many buildings, streets and intersecting passageways.
Most of the action takes place out in the streets and station area but the are fire escapes on some of the buildings and all drainpipes can be climbed up to access some higher areas.A few of the buildings can be entered but as I said before most of the action is focused on the outside areas.
I have done my best to present a feeling of urban decay by having rubbish strewn around the place, a burnt out police car in the street, rubble in some areas from crumbling walls and ceilings, graffiti on many of the buildings, broken walls and bricked up windows etc.
The map uses mostly standard textures but there are a few custom textures featured.
There are also two custom sounds included.
There are plenty of player spawns and ample weapons and other items.
You can download In the Cold Light of Day from:-
Filefront - [url=];13716861;/fileinfo.html[/url]
FilePlanet -
Kingpinforever -
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