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I have soo many fond memories of playing "bagman" online, its a CTF hybrid that basically involves you grabbing money that falls from the air at a central point of a map and taking it to your home "safe". The fun part was raiding the opponents safe which is much more lucrative then grabbing the "falling money".
What makes the game fun and hilarious?? For one the outrageously strong weapons - whether its the flamethrower which will engulf you from a mile away or the grenade launcher that has a blast radius of a nuclear bomb. Coupled with maps that have strategic "choke points" where every player gets funneled into a central area - creates total chaos.
Can't remember how many times I laughed so hard that I cryed while playing bagman. The cussing and gangsters just add to the hilarity.
Single player was alright but the multiplayer specifically "bagman" is to this date - the most fun I've had online in a teambased game.