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To be able to play Multiplayer in the Demo:
These Bindings should suffice: bind F7 “menu_joinserver” and bind F8 “menu_startserver”.
Now only the MAPS.LST file needs to be extracted to add the list of maps that can be accessed on the Start Network Server.
And to be able to customize your model, with PakExplorer extract: \main\models\actors.

Gravity Jump. To jump without gravity (set bind SPACE "+gravityjump").

alias +gravityjump "sv_gravity 0;+moveup"
alias -gravityjump "-moveup;sv_gravity 800"

Infinite ammo (to refill each time MOUSE1 is pressed): bind MOUSE1 "+attack;give ammo"

To make Infinite Cash, the command is: give cash 32768 (this amount).

To view the model from the front in Togglecam: Set the cam_dist command to at least -65.

If you enter the Deathmatch 1 console and then Map KPCUT7 you appear in the Kingpin's office.
And to save it as a game, rename the save0 folder to \save. So you can save it as save1, etc or also load it with the Load command.

KPCUT# can be accessed once loaded (with Console down): by activating Noclip and going through the box where the spawn point is. And save them.

The Tunnel can be opened in The Super (SR2): when the Cut BIKE, leave the Console down and do Gamemap SR2.

To make the Infinite Cooling Jacket MOD: Gamemap the PAWN_RC, buy it, and Gamemap it back to the previous or desired map.

How to multiply your Gang Members (from the Bars)?: choose one, go out with him, make a Gamemap to the Bar and go out with the other from the Bar.

For Speedruners: If you jump on a Rat, you can reach high places (boxes, fences, etc) propelled by its bite.

The Rover, the Lamont's mongrel in The Super (SR2) if you search it, it turns out that it has $1!

For the best manual: Kinpin Life of Crime Instruction Manual. user_manual.pdf:
office.png (375 Kb)
gangsfull.png (291 Kb)
tunnel.png (313 Kb)
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