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In Poisonville (second level) I was sent by Louie to get something out of the safe in the Blanco warehouse. When I finally reached it there was a key on the table which I distinctly remember picking up. I loaded the game a bunch of times while trying to get the power off (the safe is behind an electrified face), and when I finally got to it I couldn't get the safe open, and there is no key in my inventory.
Has this been known to happen, or did I break new ground here?
This question / problem has been solved by Cabalimage
The key doesn't open the safe. Back when you got the mission from Louie you had to hire a safe cracker. If you have them with you when you get access to the safe, they'll blow it open for you. The key was probably for some door, but I don't remember exactly.
Thank you! For some reason Louie didn't mention the demoguy or the safecracker until i went back to the club and talked to him. You have my deepest gratitude.