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Ok, so the crusty old fishgutter at the beginning of the Docks level tells me to go to the Salty Dog to recruit some muscle. I go to the Salty Dog, enter the toilets, and there's two guys with HMGs and a guy on the floor looking a bit dizzy (is he a prisoner or is that Big Willy, and he's drunk with grief?). I talk to the guy name Sal, and he fills me in on Big Willy's missing squeeze, and he gives me a key. When I press "Y" to order him to follow me, he guns down the guy on the floor. Right now I'm thinking this guy on the floor must have been a prisoner they were interrogating. That is until I enter the pub proper, when the skanks at the corner of the bar open up on me and Sal. Now I'm thinking it's a bug. Are those chicks supposed to shoot at us? Is it because Sal and the other bodyguard have weapons out in a bar, and anyone with a weapon out is immediately considered "IT"? I mean, even Fingers, the safecracker, waited until we were out of Club Swank to ready his pistols.
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Check out the comprehsive walkthrough here -
Yes, the walkthrough is nice, and that's actually what I've been following, but it doesn't address this bug.
Nevermind, I reloaded "Entering Salty Dog", and this time Sal joined me and gave me the key without executing the guy on the floor, who apparently is Big Willy. Which begs the question, why did he kill him the first time?
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