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I have 1800 food in granaries but I'm still seeing the occasional peasant dying of starvation. One person was starving while they were working at a market that had 60 food in it and was next to a bakery. That seems a little broken. Seems like I lose one person to starvation every 3-5 mins in a city of 775.

Can't decide if this is a mild bug or a problem with my city layout.
I had the same problem. You need more food for some years.

You produce more then your peasants eat, but you had a shortcut in the past.

I give you an exemple:

-) You have a shortcut and your peasants starve at 50% of the year (so half a year over)
-) You upgrade your food and produce now more then your peasants eat.
-) Because of that your people starve at 60% of the year over
-) Next year it will be at 70%.
-) usw.

So, if you produce more then your peasants eat, it doesn't mean your peasants can starve.

Boost your food production (strong) for 2-3 years and it will go away

I'm having the same issues/ I'm constantly told there's a famine, 23 years now. My grain supply is 2400!!!, it's growing for years now. All the houses tell me there's bread. Yet my happines constantly drops due to a fiamine that isn't there at all. Citizens don't die of hunger, yet the advisor keep on telling me I've gor a food shortage. It's very frustrating. When barns are full of grain this message shouldn't come up and I shouldn't be penalized for something that isn't there. Please fix this annoying issue. The game is great, but things like that are no fun.

The happiness in my houses is 65 or more. Yet my general happines is 35.
I seem to have had the same issue, but only in remote parts of my island. And it went away after i plopped a few markets in those areas. It seems that people are starving when they don't have easy access to food distributions close to them.