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Hello o/

This game is really good, I purchased it some time ago and completly forgot about it ^^"
And now I'm playing the beta. Well, my first impression is: the game is good.

-the musics are greats, have a good fitting with the universe.

- the management is well balanced, there is enough things to keep you busy, but not TOO many, wich could give you a sensation of drowning.

-the attacks are a bit easy, I started to play on hard and passed the 2-3 firsts attacks, I didn't lost more than a farm or two per viking attacks (dragons on the other side are really TOO easy)

-the ressources are well defined, and like the management in itself, you have anough differents resources to be needing many production chains, but it's simple enough for taht you don't need a quarter of yout map just for one item ^^

on the down side now:

- the ennemies are too simple, it's really too easy to repel atacks and if vikings are down right stupid (like, "oh hey, this guy have walls who touch the clouds, let's go on foot, what? bringing ogre? naaaa"), dragons are just a joke, I don't feel like I have a particulary powerful castle, but not a single dragon have left the map since I got my 10th balista.

- there is some side of the games wich are just frustrating. the worst for me is not having shortcuts to toggle the active status of buildings, having to do 2 clics for each buildings to toggle all my quaries and towers is just painful ^^"
in the same line, it's bothersome to have to place each road individually.

-last, just to be mean :p I think there is a problem with the pathfinding of my peasants when they harverst the food. they take it then go straigt to the market (wich is at the opposite of my town) and the time they come back, winter have ended, therefor half of my recolts are lost.

So in summary, great game for a beta ^^ totaly woth it's price.

For the suggestions part:

-add shortcut to activating/disabling buildings (like pressing alt then clicking a building, it toggle it's state)

-allow the placement of a line of road or walls (it's secondary for walls)

- make dragons breath fire on a line, setting on fire a line of 3/5 cases, killing villagers, it would make dragins very dangerous for your town.

- make the dungeon attacking. A basic attack, like the equivalent of an archer tower and a small ballista, but it would give a little help at the start of the game. AND add the realism of having a huuuge fortress ^^

-add short cuts to selects heros
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More suggestions.

(a) about more block-building

I love the idea of piling buildings like your "castle blocks" :) How about

- "chappel blocks" (the design is almost given in your "treasure chamber" ... replacing brown door by a stained glass window)

- "palace blocks" (the design is almost given in your "hospital" or it could be derived from some Venician palaces) providing living space for your most noble inhabitants (officers, priests, doctors, ...)

- "storage blocks" (100 items per floor)

- "housing blocks" (5 inhabitants per floor)

Piling up has its costs: Just make each floor more expensive than the one before.

All these suggestions follow the same idea of compressing the dwelling. My hope is to see more than one castle on the map.

(b) about workshops & housing of craftsmen

Why not give some housing to each workshop (e.g. workshop in bottom, housing on top)

(c) Monastries.

Pretty similar to "blacksmith" with optional production of
- "Preyars for the church"
- "Prestige for Your Majesty"
- "Knowledge for Libraries"
- "Wine & Beer for your taverns"
- "Excellency for your doctors"
- "Gardening techniques for your paysants"

(d) about riots and renegates

Let them be another thread to your realm: Let them settle down somewhere and block that area until you "pursuade" them to follow you again.

(e) new terrain "wetlands"

Pretty similar to "unusuable stones". Wetlands have to be drained into nearby moats. That may later also provide pathes for water transport.

(f) decay and amelioration in agriculture

Fertility tends to decline under farming. It slowly recovers under forests or pasture (cattle can be useful for hauling and for extra labour in farming).

Fertility keeps high if enough waste from housing fertilizes it. (Have some intesively used "gardens" (2 workers +2 harvest for each housing nearby) ?)