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Hi Everyone, thanks for all the feedback and bug reports!

First, if you're experiencing any graphical issue/crashes please update your graphics card drivers first!

We're a small team (two people) so we won't be able to respond individually to everyone but we do read every post. We'll use this post to communicate the status of some current bugs along with some workarounds.

Here's a list of bugs we're currently fixing/changes we're making in the next patch release. This list will grow over time:
- Issue where you can't build roads sometimes - for now you can work around this by saving, restarting the game and reloading.
- Issue where armies sometimes freeze - a save/restart should work around this for now as well.
- Adding v-sync option - for now you should be able to force v-sync on in your driver settings
- Issue where viking invasions could happen back to back
- Issue where you can build two rock removers over the top of each other

Additionally, if you have any issue that persists after a load/save you can send us an email at and attach your save game. Please include a description or screenshots of the issue. Save game are located in C:\users\yourname\appdata\locallow\lionshield on windows. We can load it up on our end and investigate.

We'll make an announcement when the new build is ready!
petey123567: Hi Everyone, thanks for all the feedback and bug reports!
About housing options.

The upgrade from small ("hovel" 5 paysants in 1 tile) to medium ("cottage" 12 paysants in 2 tiles) seems okay. For being more expensive it provides 20% more inhabintants. But the upgrade to large ("manor" 25 paysants in 4 tiles) is crap. For being much more expensive it provides only 4% more inhabitants in same space needed.

The manor should give at least some bonus! I suggest reducing building space needed to L-shaped 3 tiles, which would make manors more flexible to place. Even if figures are adjusted like (20 paysants in 3 tiles with 3 heads of household). Please note, that manors have 2 floors plus a huge attick!

Additionally manors do not give the extra tax revenue! In fact they even pay less tax. I had 49 Inhabitants in 2 cottages (each 12) and 5 hovels (each 5) and started taxation (revenue 14 g/y). When I replaced those 5 small hovels by a manor (also 25) I lost some tax revenue (and only got 13 g/y).

(answer to Atharja (following post)): you can see your current gold income as a tool tip, when you hover your mouse over your gold account.
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Cant say anything about gold, but mansons have a big placing bonus. It only needs 1 street, so you can make bigger and better blocks. Less streets = more space.

PS: How did you see/measure the gold income?
About game performance.

I have to minimize graphics when i come over 400 population. Lags and freezes occur on
- thunderstorms & fires spreading
- harvest times (all farmers start to run around)
- viking attacks (I guess vikings are graphically more detailed).
Pathfinding seems to be one of the issues soaking computing ressources.

I'd appreciate an urgency mode with
- less triangles to perform (for hauled and piled goods ... do we really need alll the details there?)
- lower frame rate 20 / 30 per second could provide a lot more time for calculations
- halted (or minimized) normal life during harvest haul, viking attacks, and thunderstorms (at least as long as pathfinding is calculated)

The more transports i need the earlier performance gets trouble shooting. So i guess grouping up trasports would solve some of the problems (or at least postpone them to higher population figures). Thus I suggest to give tools to transporters (baskests / tornisters / barrows / carts /cattle-torn waggons / prames for transport on water... like that).

Effects could be:
basket / tornister / cart: transporters can haul 5 items instead of 3
waggons: 8 or 10 transports (bound to roads)
boats: 2 in a team can transport 25...30 items (bound to waterways ... if docked a boat functions similar to a stockpile)
They are currently fixing many bugs. We are only on Version 104g I think, so we havn't all the fixes yet.

And there are some bigger bugs ongoing. The game let my gtx1060 run at max speed .... even on a new empty game. I dont think that is a problem of to many calculations ;)

And that is only the biggest one. I have farms, who are next to a granary and the farmers are to silly to get the food fast enough. And half of the time the food vanishes in the winter (like it should be), but then the farmes can take ... 'the air' and have suddenly food in there hands.

Then I have sometimes negativ numbers (food, stone, etc). Once it was an Ogre, who destroyed a stockpile, but from time to time it also happens during the game.

And much balancing. Like, when a ogre destroys a full stockpile of stone, you are ####ed. you can end up with .... lets say -400 stone. When you are upgrading a wall you cant just stop it, so you have a very long time to wait, until you can build something again. (the stockpile, that got destroyed included)

Or the food supply. It took me a while to find out, why my people are starving, when I produce a surplus.

Just let the devs work and in some days/weeks we can talk about features or optimizations :)
petey123567: Hi Everyone, thanks for all the feedback and bug reports!
Only issue I am currently having is achievements are not unlocking. I was able to unlock one achivement, but after the last patch I can't unlock anymore.