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Changelog for Update Infrastructure II - v114r3 (added 24 January 2019):

New Map Generation
* We've reworked map generation algorithm. Now distinct landmasses will be farther apart (no more landmasses separated by just 4 tiles). Additionally maps have a chance to spawn with shallow water rivers. Map island shapes should in general be more interesting. All landmasses are guaranteed to be above a certain tile count and wolves also won’t spawn on small landmasses. Finally, maps got a bit bigger! The number of build-able tiles increased by 20-30% per map size.

Wooden Gates
* These will match up better with wooden walls, and are cheaper than stone gates.

Stone Bridges
* These bridges fit together with stone roads and provide the same movement bonus. They are impassable by ship so be careful you don’t box in your transport ships. Viking ships can't pass through them or destroy them.

Fire Brigade
* You can augment the automatic volunteer peasant firefighters with actual firefighters who hang out at the Fire Brigade building until needed. These professional firefighters run very quickly and put out fires much quicker than normal peasants. With the right Fire Brigade placement, you’ll now be able to put out fires that would have destroyed buildings when the peasant volunteers were too far away to arrive in time.

Twitch Integration
* If you'd like, you can turn on streamer mode in the settings. A twitch icon will appear on the side of the screen, enter your username there, start streaming and viewers can vote on what befalls your kingdom: bonuses, disasters, and other events!

Tax Tweaks
* The tax rate used to go from 1 to 3. Now it can do half increments (so 0.5, 1, 1.5, etc). As a stylistic choice we’ve changed the display to show a percentage so if you had a tax rate set at 3, it’ll now show as 30%, but all the internal math will remain the same. This will allow you finer grain control over taxation vs. your kingdom’s happiness.

Windmill Bonus Tweak
* Windmill bonuses no longer stack with adjacent windmills and instead each does a flat +3 per tile. It turns out with overlapping bonuses a really strange formation of farms and windmills is optimal (long rows of windmills with a row of farms in between). We wanted to make it so you don't have pack windmills in a line to get optimal food output.

Other Improvements/Fixes
* For older mac users who weren’t able to see trees, you can now turn on ‘Mac Compatibility Mode’ in the settings to address that.
* Optimization pass
* Dragons are less punishing in terms of how many people they kill (especially large dragons)
* Stockpiles are treated as stone roads regarding peasant walk speed
* Added dirt under the stone roads so they match up with regular roads/gardens better
* Baker bakes faster (10s per bread from 15s)
* Right click now also deselects tower range UI
* Previously viking ships would phase through drawbridges, now the drawbridges go up when any ship comes through
* Display charcoal maker yearly output
* Reduced costs on castle blocks
* Tweak castle tower ballista/archer ranges
* Reservoirs can be built anywhere (ignores road territory)
* Fix issue where vikings spawned in creative mode wouldn’t always leave on their ships properly
* Fix mason not repairing walls
* Fix case where peasants could end up in deep water
* Fix case where doctors could end up in deep water/floating in air
* Fix garden not receiving adjaceny bonuses if under aqueduct
* Fix armies not able to stand in town squares
* Fix not being able to build castle blocks on top of a gate that had a garden underneath
* Fix issue where delivery workers could carry their goods with them if they switched jobs
* Other small fixes/tweaks
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Warfare Update - v115r3 (12 June 2019)
Military System Revamp

We have streamlined the military system. Barracks now produce a full 1 tile fully functional 16 footman unit complete with a general with one click (rather than the old way of having to separately train a general, then individually train and recruit units at the barracks). This should feel a little more like an RTS. If you have an old save with bigger armies it will be split up into individual units and we have removed the 3 unit cap. Additionally:

- Left click and drag will select multiple units, shift and ctrl click work as well.
- Chamber of War no longer recruits generals, instead it can activate a ‘Hazard Pay’ bonus which doubles all unit damage in exchange for higher soldier wages while active.
- Units can walk on walls and towers (more on this below)
- Units can be queued up at a barracks/archer school (like in an RTS)
- Units can be disbanded
- Partial strength units can ‘recuperate’ at the barracks to return to full strength
- Military units now need to be paid wages (previously only tower emplacements were paid wages) and will disband themselves if they aren’t paid for a few years.

New Unit - Archer

We’ve added an archer school building that works just like the barracks except it produces archer units. They can attack enemies with their ranged attack but are very weak when engaged hand-to-hand. They also gain the same range bonus when stationed on walls that normal archer towers get. And on that note…

Units Can Walk on Walls - Castle Stairs

You can now build castle stairs which allow units access to walking on your castle walls and towers. We’ve completely revamped the pathfinding tech to make this work and set up little doors automatically when a tower meets a wall. One set of stairs will allow access to any contiguous piece of wall, but you’ll probably want multiple sets of stairs for quick access.

Troop Transport Ships

You can now build troop transport ships and use them to move your armies across deep water and on to other landmasses. Each ship can carry three units. To load units, select them and order them to move to a transport ship. To unload, select the transport ship and right click anywhere on land.
New Viking Unit - Thief

Viking thieves move faster and don’t start fires, but if they make it to your treasure room they will steal 100g. Make sure to kill them before they escape back to their ship to reclaim the gold!

Viking Raid AI Improvements

Viking raids can now launch on multiple fronts and they can also leave on any viking boat, not just the boat that brought them. Viking boats are more reactive to picking up escaping vikings. Viking raid escalation tweaked to better adapt to player skill.

Note: if you are using an old save the next few raids will be weak until it catches up with your progress.

Drag Placement

You can now click and drag to place multiple roads, farms, orchards, aqueduct, castle blocks, cemeteries, and piers. You'll be able to place up to 100 buildings per drag placement.

Drag Chop, Rebuild, Demolish

You can now click and drag to order peasants to chop multiple tiles of wood, rebuild large areas of rubble, or demolish lots of buildings at once.

Control Tweak

We have flipped left and right mouse click. Instead of moving the camera on left click, now left click is used for select and drag select. Right click and drag moves the camera and issues troop orders. Middle click and drag is still camera rotate. If you hold down the alt key, the controls will revert back to functioning like the old version.

Note: If you’d prefer the old method permanently, you can toggle ‘legacy mouse controls’ in the options menu. In legacy mode click and drag selecting and placement require holding the alt key to start the drag.

Other Fixes/Improvements

Rebuild now works as expected on castle towers and tiles with aqueducts Aqueducts can be built over hovels Fixed gates not visually closing when vikings were nearby Map generation tweaked to better guarantee viable amounts of stone and iron Fixed some load/save exploits with the witch Fixed cemetery orientation getting lost after a load/save Fixed generals not attacking ogres Reduced gravekeeper walk speed from 2x to 1.5x Military units get same speed bonuses on roads that villagers do Roads can be placed anywhere and do not need to be connected to other roads Other small fixes
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Fish & Pigs Update -116r4 (07 November 2019)

Hi Everyone,

We’ve got a big new update for you that adds new buildings, food types, and mechanics. We had been planning to launch this all packaged together with the upcoming AI Rival Kingdoms update, but after chatting with the community, we decided to launch this early! We’ve been wanting to add all this stuff to the game for a long time. We’re glad we got to launch it sooner than later.

Why did this update take longer than usual to release? There are two reasons: first, it’s a pretty “meaty” update (pun intended); second, my (Pete) second daughter was born right after we launched the Warfare Update, so I took some time off. Thanks for your patience!

Now, onto what’s new!


We’ve added fish as a new food source. New maps now have areas where fish will spawn. Old maps will be automatically upgraded to have fishing grounds when loaded. Fish will spawn more fish, and can expand a little from their initial fishing grounds, but will mostly stay in the same region.

Fishing Hut

To catch the fish, build a fishing hut nearby. It comes with a little boat that will go out and catch fish, but will take shelter during storms. Be careful not to overfish; fishing grounds can become depleted if too many fishing huts are built nearby. Peasants can take fish directly from the fishing hut to eat.


This building takes fish from the fishing hut and prepares them for eating. Using 1 tool and 1 fish, the Fishmonger will output 3 fish. Fishmongers can store 75 fish. This building will be an important part of keeping fish supplied in your kingdom. Peasants won’t want to live too close to it though, due to the smell.

Produce Storage

The new Produce Storage building can store 125 apples, and their workers can carry a double apple load. But why do we need this new building, when we can already store apples in the Granary? Previously, wheat and apples were treated as the same resource and apples would mysteriously transform into grain when placed in a Granary. We were never quite satisfied with that, so now apples are their own distinct resource type. Apples must now be stored in markets or in this new building. Peasants will need to eat apples along with the other food types for maximum health.

Small Market

We’ve now added a 1x1 Market. It employs fewer people and stores less, but it should be easier to fit into some city layouts than the existing 2x2 Market. It also costs less to build.


You can now build Swineherds, a 3x2 building that raises pigs. Pigs consume wheat and can be slaughtered for meat. If there is no wheat to feed the pigs, like peasants, they’ll get hungry and eventually die off.


Butchers will take tools and 1 unit of meat from Swineherds and turn it into 3 servings of meat. They function a lot like Fishmongers. They can store up to 150 meat. Peasants won’t want to live too close to the butcher either, due to the smell.


To incorporate all these new food types, we’ve added a new Health mechanic for your kingdom. Hovering over the Health number will explain all the factors impacting it. For maximum Health, peasants need a varied diet and enough Clinics and Hospitals open and operating. Peasants will want access to fish or pork, apples, and wheat or bread. You’ll be able to click the Health overlay to see which houses need better access to the food types.

As your kingdom grows, your peasants will care more about their Health and will want it to be better and better. Health will affect their happiness, the likelihood of a plague, plague virulence, and average life expectancy. If your kingdom is in poor Health for too long, peasants may die prematurely!

Note that for existing cities, you will get a 5 year grace period before your peasants become unhappy with their Health.


As mentioned in our previous development update, we have implemented some performance optimizations targeted at large cities with lots of resources. In our benchmark city, we were able to improve performance 30% from 17-18fps to 22-25fps, though results vary depending on city size/composition and your computer specs. Let us know if you see an improvement! More optimization is coming in future updates.

Other Improvements/Fixes

- Added configurable keyboard controls
- Added a confirmation dialog if you are demolishing more than 25 buildings
- Added a way to disband Troop Transport Ship
- Heads of household will limit their gathering to a 30 tile radius of their home. That means if their only source of wheat/bread is more than 30 tiles away, it will count as ‘too far away’ and they won’t go out to gather it
- Markets now collect apples, bread, wheat, fish, and ham
- Tavern has been re-tuned slightly and now consumes both wheat and apples but provides a little extra happiness if you can supply both
- Neighbor and road access happiness bonuses adjusted
- Houses too close to Iron Mines suffer a happiness debuff (the same as Quarries and Charcoal Makers)
- Large and manor houses too close to a Swineherd or Fishmonger also suffer a happiness debuff
- Added some in-game tips on picking a starting position for your Keep for first time players
- Field flooding now only happens within a few tiles of the shoreline. Chance to flood is displayed in the building UI when clicking on a Farm.
- Aqueducts can now be built over the top of Iron Mines, Quarries, and Charcoal Makers
- Stone Walls, Gates, and Bridges can replace Wooden Walls, Gates and Bridges without having first demolished them
- Rock removal now automatically removes the rock after construction has finished
- Attempted to fix bug where drag-to-demolish triggers erroneously
- Fixed an issue with gold income info not adding up correctly
- Fixed Twitch integration (twitch had changed their API since our last update)
- Fixed closed/unconnected Bathhouses from contributing to peasants’ Bathhouse satisfaction
- Fixed bug where ships were not using Moats to sail through when possible
- Fixed issue where you could not place a Dock adjacent to Moats
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Changelog for Update 117r2 (04 April 2020/added 06 April 2020):

Bug fixes:
- Fix key for speeding camera motion up not working
- Fix rare issue where vikings could on occasion not be targeted by defenses
- Fix rare pathing issue vikings/military troops
- Fix issue first time demolish warning ui pops up
- Fix memory leak on map editing
- Improve performance during map editing
- Improve performance on maps with lots of fish

Standalone installers updated (116r12 ⇒ 117r2): 06 April 2020.