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I Just wanted to say that I beat both Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers a while ago and loved both of these games.

I'm not a fan of mobile gaming (just phones and tablets, I own Nintendo handhelds and love them), and I just love the fact that some of these great games get ported to PC.

In about two months Kingdom Rush Origins will be released on steam, however GOG version is still not 100% confirmed, although both previous games have been released in here.

So I just wanted to ask you guys: If you care about this series on GOG, please contact Ironhide Game Studio on their facebook and tell them how much you appreciate their games and that you would like to see them on GOG. They're very polite and very responsive:

Also You can vote for Kingdom Rush Origins and Iron Marines in our Community Wishlist:

It's just a few clicks for us, but may actually ensure that this and their future games will be released on GOG.
Post edited July 28, 2018 by ChrisGriffin
I've contacted them already some time ago and received a reply that they can't confirm it officially yet, but it will most probably come to GOG.

From the looks of it, it's going to be here. The devs do want it here at least, but can't give any official confirmation until the contract is finalized.