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i found the spot the map shows, but when i enter the cave the only thing to be found is a cave mushroom. i've searched all around, above and below and gone into the cave as far as i can, but there's no treasure anywhere. has anyone else found this?
XI should be the one in the woods west of Ledetchko, right? I got it recently and I know the cave you found, it's a red herring. The real one is closer to the... perimeter, let's say (don't know if you want to be spoiled).
yes please spoil it!!!
thekersy100: yes please spoil it!!!
Oh, ok. I thought you didn't want to be spolied since you cuold've easily searched the location on the web. Anyway the real cave is on the south-east of the one you found, like about halfway towards the river. You should approach it from the south since the entrance is faced that way.
woohoo! thankyou so much. that map made me so frustrated!!!