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- New Hair and Beard mechanics.
- Customize your style in bathhouses and gain extra charisma with freshly cut hair.
- Unarmed mercy kill added for a more "subtile" way to solve quests.
- Real Easter eggs added. The hunt for the golden egg can begin!
- Traditional Czech Easter-themed weapon to be found, called "Pomlázka".
- Resurrection day is upon us! Some NPCs that have died due to the physics glitches have risen from their graves.
- Fixed problems with the "Mightier than the Sword" quest related to the scribe.
- Rattay archery competition works on advanced difficulty.
- Fixed save issue for the "House of God" quest.
- Another 200 major bugs fixed

- Fixed various errors due to obsolete data having been published as part of 1.4. (e.g barber shop not working, issues with quest progression in Baptism of Fire & Question and Answers)

There is a distinct possibility that the save files created with version 1.4 might be corrupted. We highly recommend going back to your old save files that were created with version 1.3.4 or older.

If you finished main quest Baptism of Fire and the following quest (Questions and Answers) did not start, reload any save from Baptism of Fire and progress through the battle. The quest Questions and Answers should start after the duel with Runt.

Free DLC - HD Texture and Audio Pack (coming soon)

As a special treat, we're releasing the first free DLC - HD Texture & Audio Pack for PC which together enhance the visual and audio experience of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. HD Textures boost the overall graphics of Kingdom Come: Deliverance to create an ever more lifelike look at 1403 Bohemia. HD Audio is available for all three voiceover languages (English, German and French) and enhances all in game voiceovers and sounds.

Fixed issues:
– A major bug that crashed the game at various places has been fixed.
– Quests notably affected by this bug include Sport of kings, Pestilence, Questions and Answers.
– Fixed issue with missing Erik in the quest called The Die is Cast.
– Other minor bugfixes.

Known issues:
– [Rare] You can lock on a non-existing opponent.
– [Rare] Attacking stops working.
– [Rare] Random character spins while blocking.
– Player with an equipped bow cannot be dismounted.

Fixed issues:
• Cutscene after completion of "Questions and Answers" quest now triggers properly.
• Game no longer crashes after interrogating the captive in "Questions and Answers"
• Rattay armorer should no longer get stuck in infinite sleep behaviour.
• Player with an equipped bow can now be dehorsed by enemies.
• Player can no longer lock on a non-existing opponent.
• Fixed instant game over bug in Baptism of Fire quest.
• Crashes after timeskip/fast travel should no longer occur.
• Game no longer crashes after "The Sport of Kings" quest.
• Crash after walking into Straw's house during the "Pestilence" quest is fixed.
• Crash after finishing the "Pestilence" quest is fixed.
• Very rare crash after loading a game is fixed.

Known issues:
• [Extremely rare] Attacking stops working. Can be fixed by saving and restarting the game.
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Great! But how do I enable the HD texture / audio with the GOG version? I downloaded 11GB of something but can't see where these can be turned on - there's a reference to the HD textures in-game but it's grayed out.

Hi Support, Marvelous Creation Thank You.

Never had a single issue or crash until after the 1.4 11GB Update today?

Now get CTD seems to be whenever bandits ambush me in the forests etc? hope this is found n fixed soon as game is now totally unplayable.
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JRfromWarhorse: General Notes

- New Hair and Beard mechanics.
- Customize your style in bathhouses and gain extra charisma with freshly cut hair.
Not working in 1.4. You get the menu but using the menu only freezes the game. In addition to this the patch permanently breaks the main quest on any save from previous game versions.


You actually patched these bugs on a easter holiday. Impressive. :)
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so just watchrd another update when i logged into GOG tonight of 344 mb? hoping this was going to be the "fix" for the CTD were hetting since the latest 1.4 update (26 gig seriously?) so now it shows im on version 1.4.1G ? still get CTD

this is a crying shame as i never had a problem until today.

WHY WHY WHY dont you give us the OPTION to UPATE when we choose and NOT Automatically thru GOG ?

At least give us chance to back up before you ruin/lose a months worth of play

losing faith repidly here
Tried doing "verify files" using GOG still get CTD!