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Hardcore mode

• New game mode added - Hardcore mode.
• Combat rebalanced to make combat fairer to NPCs.
• Economy rebalanced to make trading even fairer to traders.
• Survival rebalanced to make Henry's death fairer to the environment.
• Some perks altered for HC mode.
• Minimalistic HUD.
• Tutorial messages removed.
• Player position removed from map and cardinal points removed from compass. Navigation is now reliant on landmarks and sun position.
• Quest markers are always visible on the map, but only visible on the compass when the player is near them.
• Autosaves are removed.
• Fast travel is disabled.
• Added special negative perks that are chosen during character creation. These include sicknesses, birth defects and other trials of medieval life.
• Added new achievements.

New features

• Added "Disable tutorials" setting in the game options.

Fixed bugs

• Henry's trunk in huntsman's lodge no longer has "Rob" prompt.
• Knocking out Nicholas in Cherchez la Femme no longer breaks the quest.
• Fixed bug in Nasty Habits which sometimes prevented player from delivering wine.
• Fixed light optimization that caused freezes while riding a horse for a prolonged time.
• Hans Capon no longer sleeps till Judgment Day after completion of The Prey quest.
• Killing NPCs in Playing with the Devil quest properly fails it.
• Killing executioner Hermann should no longer tank the player's reputation.
• Guards react faster to knocking someone out and carrying the body.
• Fixed numerous bugs in quest Aquarius.
• You can no longer drink-a-port from Talmberg castle in Run! quest.
• NPCs react faster to player's surrender.
• Standing up before dice minigame with Nightingale no longer breaks Keeping the Peace quest.
• Fixed another bug affecting bird cages in A Bird in the Hand quest.
• Guards should no longer attack player after he's paid a fine or talked his way out of punishment.
• Crouch does not immediately trigger stealth music.
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Hezky pěkně :) Až budu někdy v důchodu a budu mít čas, tak tohle budu chtít zkusit.
Where ist the patch on GOG?

Ok, udate with Galaxy Client. Say:1.5
But the game say: 1.6
Post edited June 27, 2018 by Seebaer
Before I go an update and possibly ruin the game for myself, are all those new features for hardcore mode only?
from what i can tell so far, yes
thekersy100: from what i can tell so far, yes
Oh God be praised! Thank you