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N0rdW1nd: Nice one. As soon it comes out I take my money back. This is B.S on a new level. Never touch this developer team again.
eisberg77: If you pre-ordered from GoG.com, you are going to want to refund before the game releases. GoG's return policy does not allow for refunding games because you changed your mind, they only allow for refunds if you are having technical issues and after you have worked with them to try and fix the technical issues.

But they do have a refund policy for refunding pre-orders before the game releases.
Actually you can refund if you haven't downloaded a purchased game within something like 14 days.
I can't download the game ???? 10 days left ???? whutttt ???

It's ready on steam !???!?!?!?!?!?!
I can wait for the game, but i want strart modding, todayyyyyyyyyy please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"NOTE: The DRM-free version of the game will be released on GOG.com on February 27,"


The free drm version is important for me.
I wait, but i want start modding soon as possible :-( textures pack, etc...
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borzwazie: I am sure the delay is due to the publisher's concern that the drm-free version will eat into sales due to piracy. They're not entirely wrong, either. So, they're releasing it in protected fashion first.

Be glad we're getting a DRM-free version at all!
Well, all studies made came to the conclusion that piracy doesn't harm sales - those that pirate it would never buy the game and those that buy the game would still buy it, even if there was a free version.

Also, the cracked version was out a day before steam release, so I'm pretty sure it's about the devs trying to get a better deal from Steam with the exclusivity.
Thought I'd ask this here instead of starting a new thread: does anyone know if we'll be able to preload the game ahead of time? I already pre-ordered at GOG, and am hoping that's the case so that I'll be able to play immediately. Thanks in advance. :)