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I'm posting this in case it helps someone and also for the devs to potentially look at.

I intalled the game, changed some of the graphics settings and the keyboard and mouse stopped taking any input at all. Restarting the game didn't help and the game was unusable. No responses to any keys.

I found an attributes.xml file in this folder:

C:\Users\[user name]\Saved Games\kingdomcome\profiles\default\

and I found this line in it:

<Attr name="keybinds_settings" value="<keybinds /> " />

I deleted that line and saved the xml. The game started working again!
Worked for me too. Thanks.

Initially I thought it was because of the fullscreen, since I lost the use of the keyboard two times right after I changed the setting from borderless window to fullscreen (the second time because it reverted to borderlees on its own, so I had to change it back).

Ok no, the problem seems to persist. I launched the game today and the keyboard wasn't working again, so I deleted the same line in the attributes.xml file, but it had no effect this time. I'm starting to think that the problem have nothing to do with the keyboard in particular because if you let the intro play out and get to the starting menu you'll notice that even the clicks of the mouse don't work (the cursor does move though), at least for me.
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