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I am totally confused how to mantle a horse. I am approaching a horse named Pebbles and no matter what I do I cannot mount this horse. I approach and press the "horse" key and absolutely nothing happens. How do I mount a horse in this game? It looks like I will have to stop playing this game until there is a resolution.

EDIT: Yep, looks like this a major bug and I am unable to complete The Hunt Begins mission. And since the Vengeance main quest cannot be completed until the The Hunt Begins has been completed, I cannot proceed with this game. I am now forced to play side quests or quit playing. I now realize that the more I play this game, the buggier it seems. There have been numerous patches and it is really starting to look like this game will never work properly. I hate to give up on it but it is looking like I will be forced to. I have never seen a game with so many bugs.
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have you tried to verify/repair? sometimes it just needs a little clean up to work
I have tried everything. I tried verify/repair too. Nothing works. I have even gone back to a previous save and played it up to the part where I need to mount Pebbles and there is still no prompt to mount him. He also does not respond when I whistle. I cannot mount this horse needed to continue the main quest so I had to give up. I believe I will have no choice but to uninstall this game. Kingdom Come never should have been released in this condition. It is still clearly in the alpha or beta phase.
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yes, try the re-installation next, then verify again
I believe I just fixed this issue but not by simply reinstalling and verifying the game again. I'll post what I did to fix it in another thread.
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