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I was glad to notice that the game runs now smoother, but after playing a while I noticed that the grass is more pixelated.

Have a look at this image comparison (Texture Quality is Very High in both pics):

Hope the devs would find alternate ways to optimize the game...
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Do you know if this is a bug?
I have the same issue but i can't believe that this is wanted by the developers because it looks so horrible.
I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually intentional. Of top of my head Dying Light did something kinda same with settings.
I have found a solution for the pixelated grass problem.

this is mod is a rework of some textures in the game - including the grass. Even though it is not updated for 1.4 it works really good. Your grass should become smoother with that mod.

Good luck
I honestly think someone was smoking quality grass when they released the 1.4 and 1.4.1 patches...
Very annoying. I initially thought it was not very noticeable, but when you are sneaking around a grassy area you clearly see N64-quality textures coming your way.