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I would like to play Kingdom Come Deliverance but constant freezes kills the vibe. Game runs smoothly with pretty OK fps, but sometimes sounds starts to loop in 1sec interval and after couple seconds whole game freezes for 30-60 seconds. This happens mostly in cities where are lots of NPCs. Freezing happens also during convos and when it happens image keeps going but sounds will loop and after a while all speech comes out at the same time.

Am I the only one or has other people suffered this also?

My specs are i7-7700K, gtx 970 4gb, 16gb ram and game is installed on SSD-drive.

I really hope that there is a fix for this.
Same thing here. Game keeps freezing wenn you leave your home through the gate. you geet a frew Quests from your father, everything ok, but when you leave through the wooden gate, a tutorial popup appears (about the torunament) and thats it.......Music still plays, but you can`t escape (with escape ;-) ). game freezes, after a while the musik stops too and nothig more. I`ve waited a few minutes, nothing happens.I`ve reinstalled the game,t ried to deactivate all virus progs, did a re install, changed full screen in options and so on......every time you go through this crashes......for 30 Euro and after nearly a Year since release, i thogh the game would be fine............i`m very dissapointed about that and angry too. I want my money back ;-(