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when you approach a character from the front after playing for a few hours past the prolgue, the dialogue ques in the second town you are in)and very likely after that I have not played past second town) do not show up and often times you must bumble around untli the prompt appears for you to initiate dialgue via the E key. usually behind not in front fo te NPC recepient.

Also when you are near parpets, and bump into people they get angery, but they will not move. They should move when theyu see you at reasonable distance not stay put the parpets, lofts and such are narrow. If you want this to be a part of the "realistic" RPG experience, at least give the main character leeway when moving in narrow areas, or have the NPCs move out of the way(as in real life) when an "Excuse me" horn, as in a key as in effect with the PC saying "moving through please excuse" ect. I don't know what inpact freqwuently runnng in to folks has but as with entering dewellings I am guessing very bad. so why not have the PC's ability to also tell them to "make way" when he passes be an option if it is so imoratnt not to run into NPCs! Unless iti is part of the plot for an NPC to delibrately block the play charcter like a bully, for example, no one else should be obstructing the PC as he makes his way to the next quest WAY point!
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