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Hi, any chance of of implementing D3d12 multi-GPU support in the game? I ask because it works so well in ShadowoftTombRaider, a recent release, and because apparently integrating it into the engine is not as difficult as I once thought--I play @ 3840x2160, Win10x64 , RX-590/RX-480 Crossfire--works very well. Just thought I'd ask...Great game, btw!

Edit: I have also noticed that some older development titles have back-engineered multi-GPU/D3d12 support into titles shipped years ago--such as RiseoftTombRaider. It would appear that supporting it under D3d12 is not as difficult as I had thought earlier! Scales almost 100% in both the aforementioned games in my RX-590/480 multi-GPU/Crossfire system.
Post edited January 15, 2019 by waltc
Bump. Thanks...;)