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Anyone with 1080 ti getting close to constant 60fps? If so, what are your settings?

I didn't expect 60fps at 4K Ultra or anything but I could not get 60fps on 4K Medium. So dropped to 1440p and still get random frame drops in the 20s on High? GPU isn't even hitting 100% most of the time at that setting.

Ryzen 1700, 16GB RAM, Windows 10, SSD, Driver 391.01.

Feel a bit hungry.
The game is horribly optimized so you are most likely going to see random frame drops, freezing and stuttering on any settings, no matter what your specs are.
Yeah I am getting relatively stable 60FPS. There are areas that will drop the FPS but for the most part I am getting 60FPS @ 2560x1600. I have a AMD 1950x w/ 64GB and a 1080Ti. Nvidia Drivers the latest 391.01 Win 10 Pro. The cut scenes do drop to a default of 30 with it occasionally dipping sometimes to lower, but during the game I am mostly at 58-60 fps.
Puh, I am quite happy with Vega 64 on AMD 1800X with 1440p (nothing overclocked or anything, rather put some power savings in).

I have all set to "Sehr Hoch", except for Textures on "Ultra Hoch" and full view distance (all distance maxed, because it matters to me). The FPS jump between 40-144 (max), usually around 50-70 while recording with Relive.
If I set all to "Ulta Hoch", it is nearly stuck at +-40fps.

I only played in that starter village, not the fastest player out there*. :(

*but collected a lot of Loewenzahn and other herbs!

pps. yes, inside Talmberg then 25fps :(
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