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Changelog for Patch 151022 (added 22 October 2015):

Minor tweaks and changes.

Changelog for Patch 1.0.1 (added 26 October 2015):
Bugs Fixed

Fix a bug that could cause the game to get stuck in the loading screen under certain circumstances.
Fixed a bug where items stolen from a shop would still count towards its maximum stock.
Brazilian Portuguese added to the language selector.

Gameplay Changes

Portal Defense Waves: reduced rapid increase after day 24.
Portals: doubled HP
Cost for Knights to attack portals increased from one coin to six coins.
Changes to horse endurance
Increased run speed
Tiny reduction to walk speed
Increased well feed duration
Small increase to tired duration
Increased reserve stamina gain
Shortened standing stamina regen


Menu now shows current day
Four new crest. Lion, Owl, Wolf, and Swan
Halloween surprise

Changelog for Patch 1.0.3 (added 12 November 2015):

Loading Into Black Screen​: Game wouldn't properly load save resulting in a black screen for the player after the horse running load screen. If you have this issue still please email us at with the .dat save file attached.
Invisible Bolder​: fixed issue where sometimes the boulder thrown by the big greed monster wasn't rendered.
Double Tower​: Fixed issue where towers could stack on each other causing multiple towers in one spot.
Invisible Walls​: Fixed tutorial invisible walls from remaining after loading from a save.
Two Tools For One​: Fixed issue where a tool could be picked up by two citizens at the same time.
Sound Volume Saving​: Fixed issue where changes to the sound volume didn't save from a previous session.


Turned off friendly fire for catapult. It was amusing but too often perceived as a little unfair or a bug.

Changelog for Patch 1.0.5 (added 26 November 2015):

Fixed Vagrant camp exploit
Fixed infinite tools from merchants
Fixed flying monster getting stuck
Fixed gold bag collider and coin freezing ​


Engineers are assigned to the catapult unless new task are assigned near them i.e. upgrade a wall near them, they do it.
Catapult can be destroyed by enemies. The catapult has 4 HP.
New catapults can be bought
Grass grows past fertile land patches.


Reduced load times
Auto set language to OS
Saves are now by version, so each update will start a new game the first time running.

Changelog for Patch 1.1.0 (added 23 December 2015):
Gameplay Changes

Changes to the Portals. This is a significant change and that’s all we’re saying for now.
Unassigned citizens will notice dropped equipment outside the main area of your Kingdom.
Sound from a destroyed portal can now be heard anywhere on the map.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed crash caused by vagrants in the late game.
Fixed vagrant camp selection issue.


Updated French
Updated Danish

Changelog for Patch 1.2.0 (added 13 April 2016):
Gameplay updates

All characters can now run. They will run if they need to get to a job, or run away if they are threatened by enemies.
The AI has had a complete overhaul, it should process much faster and with less glitches. This means game runs significantly smoother under most conditions, even late in the game when many enemies show up.
New menu with more options: change sound / music volume separately. Allow change zoom level if available.
Collision resolution has been improved to decrease lag with many coins.
Saving (by quitting the game) is possible at night and in combat.
Borders aren't moved while a wall is under construction. This means archers will stay in position while walls are upgraded.
Knights will retreat to an intact wall if the outer wall takes too much damage.
Knight attack procedure makes them more consistent.
Overhaul for the boss monster.
Many, many fixes for bugs from the forums.
New (faster) horses.


Enemy boulders damage maximum of 5 citizens
Make archers always run when redistributing
Portals stay closed longer before spawning
Workers won't work on things too close to a spawner
Deer are no longer scared of unarmed citizens
Final Wave no longer increases in difficulty before day 100, and is no longer easier before day 30.
Adjusted enemies to bit a bit more threatening for earlier (day 20 and earlier) Blood Moons.
Reduced Fliers in several waves and delayed their introduction to a later Blood Moon Event
Only during the first Blood Moon when players encounter the Breeder is it alone.
Slight tweaks to Portal collapse waves.


Prevent load crash with incomplete teleporter
Prevent paying twice for border banner knight charge
Limit troll speed depending on wave, preventing them from arriving early
Fix shops disappearing after save/load during construction
Fix castle being under construction after load
Fix knights not immediately showing up in right color after load
Fix duplicate shield save/load exploit
Fix archers going to the wrong side after losing tool/reviving
Prevent "resume after winning" exploit
Make hidden outer portals invulnerable
Fix fog not disappearing
Fix visuals getting stuck after saving+loading in forest
Realigned menu graphics (day counter/coat of arms)
Fix archers going to inactive tower on load
Hook up some statistics
Fix blinking objects (e.g. bow on purchase) turning black
Clearing now grows grass properly
Fix correctly saving coat of arms emblem
Preserve blender (weather) state when saving/loading
Fix 1.2 Loading Crash and "Double Horse"
Tweak linear-> Decibel conversion for volume options
Fix dead monsters reanimating and invulnerable on load
Fix cliffs disappearing after save.
Fix trolls blocked at level edge
Fix arrow/controller navigation in options
Fix multiple sound instances when citizens pay taxes
Fix positioning of border banner so it doesn't overlap other payables
Allow 4 archers per knight
Fix knights not retreating from an almost broken wall
Improve archer targeting with multiple targets

Kingdom: New Lands

Changelog for Update (added 09 August 2016):

We have added the Kingdom: New Lands soundtrack to the Kingdom Soundtrack DLC.
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Kingdom: New Lands

Changelog for update 1.0.2 / GOG-3 (Windows) / GOG-2 (Linux & Mac) (added 26 September 2016):

- Updated the game's engine from Unity 5.3.6f1 to 5.4.0f3
- Russian Language support added
- Fixed issue with Hermits loading incorrectly
- Fixed several issues with knights and the boat
- Optimized Audio Pooling (with rate limiter)
- Tweaked worker's behavior when completing jobs far from the outer walls
Nice changelog. However, the latest version is 1.0.3 from 6th October.
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Kingdom: New Lands

Changelog for update 1.0.5 / GOG-4 (Windows) / GOG-3 (Linux and Mac) (added 25 October 2016):

- Fix a bug that caused the menu to no longer appear after viewing the end-game map

Update 1.0.4:
- Crash on Startup: An empty save file will no longer crash the game during startup
- Crash on Startup: A corrupted save file will now start a fresh game instead of hanging. The corrupted save is NOT deleted, so it can be salvaged or sent to developer for support
- Infinite blood moon: The game no longer prevents a "safe state" when all currently alive enemies are far away. Previously, the game could get stuck in an "infinite blood moon" because a new wave is approaching from the furthest portal before the previous wave has been defeated.
- Trolls & flyers adapt their speed to the wave they are in, to stick together with the other enemies
- Waves (especially trolls) now better predict the duration of their trip from portal to camp.
- Increase tutorial ghost speed and improve 'leading' behavior.
- Fix farmhouse not being stored if saving while it is under construction
- Fix visual glitch with torch light on a stag mount
- Prevent farmlands from overlapping each other
- Farmers are better at sticking to their assigned farm
- Allow farmlands to appear on either side of farmhouse until max amount is reached
- Fix bug where player could not purchase new shield after one is stolen by a troll
- Fix a bug that caused a single boat part to disappear after saving + loading
- Disable touch screen controls on desktop platforms so the menu doesn't break
Very nice indeed, however the current game version is now 1.0.7. GOG users has thus completely missed the Halloween update. Huge disappointment.
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Kingdom: New Lands

Changelog for Patch 1.0.8 / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-4 (Linux) (added 04 November 2016):

- This is an update for the Windows & Linux version of Kingdom: New Lands. The Mac version will be updated ASAP.
- Fix a crash that happened when loading saved games with a particular farm layout.
- Fix warhorse animation bug that caused it to disappear
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Kingdom: New Lands

Changelog for patch 1.1.0 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-4 (Mac) / GOG-5 (Linux) (added 16 November 2016):

- Fix bug where farmlands would only appear to the right of the farmhouse
- Allow players to start a new game directly on any land from the map in the menu.
- Let players choose which land to restart on after they lose the crown.
- Game now discards corrupt data in preferences/unlocks file, preventing a lock-up at starting.
- Fix small audio bug.
- Increase how long farmers will be idle before looking for a different tool.
- Fix save/load bug where flying enemy would not register that it's holding a victim.
- Updated Rewired (controller support) to the latest version.
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Kingdom: New Lands

Changelog for update 1.2.1 / GOG-7 (Windows) / GOG-5 (Mac) / GOG-6 (Linux) (added 4 January 2017):

- Fix bug where language always reverted to the OS language.
- Unchristmas.
- Drastically reduce priority of worker job "idle around catapult", so they will pick other tasks (build/repair) first.
- Differentiate archers into soldiers / hunters to make it clear when they will / won't hunt.
- Better feedback for the warhorse ability
- Farms show that they are frozen in winter
- Tweak wind shader for trees to render faster
- Better detection of controller type
- Fix menu on touchscreen PC's (hopefully, as I couldn't test this)
- Fixed animation bug for archers in towers
- Update compression settings for the New Lands OST tracks
- Banker doesn't give you back coins if you give him two or more on a day
- Banker can now give you coins more than once during the day
- Farms have a new art for the crops
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Kingdom: New Lands:

Changelog for update 1.2.3 / GOG-8 (Windows) / GOG-6 (Mac) / GOG-7 (Linux) (added 24 February 2017):

Things We Added:
- Simplified Chinese
- Japanese
- Russian
- Swedish
- Norwegian
- Finnish
- Danish
- Icelandic
- Extended tutorial to help new players

Things We Fixed:
- Fix bug that caused knights to walk off the boat after embarking
- Prevent hermits from jumping off the horse at nightfall outside the kingdom
- Autumn trees from not autumn'ing
- Hermit floating through the ground after mounting
- Some keyboard/controller menu navigation issues
- Z-fighting on some of the backgrounds
- Small groups of greed walking slowly and arriving late
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Kingdom: New Lands

Changelog for Patch 1.2.3 Hotfix (added 26 June 2017):

- Minor bug fixes.
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Kingdom: New Lands

Changelog for Patch 1.2.8 (added 06 March 2018):

- Kingdom New Lands now brings a 6th island to explore and develop. This will present the greatest challenge never-before-seen in Kingdom, and will put your every skill to the test. Can you survive the nights and be the ruler that your people need?

- Fixed issue where players teleported in areas with many purchase options freaking out the teleport overlay.
- Fixed an issue where civilians would disappear, caused by saving after civilians had boarded the readied boat
- Fixed an issue whereby hermits would moonwalk off into the distance, never to be seen again
- Fixed an issue where button-driven menu navigation was broken being
- Fixed issue where 1080p defaulted to x6 zoom
- Increased difficulty of Skull Island
I post it here cause ppl ask where is Mac version. THIS IS NOT actual changelog post, but links to old changelogs (available from GOGdb)
Changelog by community GOG' Db's
Older archives (can be differ, GOG change and erase old entries)

There is Mac and Lin changelogs here - it is not a mistake. There is Lin and Mac versions of both Kingdom and New Lands games (+DLCs).
Mac delisted cause of GOG wrong stupid decision - delist all non-M1(*) Mac games. It was delisted along with many games actually present and even possible to launch on M1 - some with official wrapper from Apple, some with 3rd party. ... ( ) ... +DLC

GOG Galaxy version not available anymore for original Kingdom game to purchase and keep only for old buyers. Soundtrack *DLC* shared for both (although GOGdb not show this).

And here third game in series, just in case ... ( )
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