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Made it to skull island and clearing out the right side of portals and on the last one, when a greed got stuck a little ways out front, in front of the statue that pours water. I didnt even see him for a day but he just went back in forth inf ront of statue, wouldnt attack me. It froze my AI guys too, they were stuck on thinking it was night so my crops wilted on field. I had one coin I hadnt spent when I realized what had happened. after wandering around for another with the regular waves coming at night, I gave the greed my last coin. The game immediately saved and gave me a new day, something I hadnt noticed...

I guess I could have brought up task manager and killed the game, then reloaded the last save... Anyhow, Im pretty sure Im screwed now. No money, no crops... I realized the hermit helped make me the ballista's after I lost him on the same level I found him (and nearly lost everything on level 5 without the ballistas), so I was probably screwed either way. Disappointing end though.