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I would appreciate the updated version if that's possible. Hopefully the dev/publisher is agreeable.
Zookie: Yes and no. The IOS version did drop certain aspects of the game. But it was more of an issue of streamlining the game as oppose to cutting content or "dumbing down" the game. The most notable issue that I can think of was that in the original game you could choose which crops were planted in your fields. There were sliders and you could balance the percentage between wheat, barley and rye. All just produced "food" but wheat cropland produced higher yields but was more susceptible to crop failure in bad years. Barley was less productive and still somewhat susceptible to bad harvest but gave a small morale bonus (due to beer production). Lastly rye was the least productive but was the most reliable.

In the current game this is not a factor and you just plant cropland without diversifying it yourself. This may seem like they removed a really cool feature of the game, but in the end I think it was a good call. First of all it played very little role in the game. It was hard to come up with a better ratio then the default ratio that game started with, and even if you had a slightly different preference you set it once at the start of the game and never really touched it again. So even though it was a neat feature that gave the game a little flavor it did not add much to gameplay and past it gave new players who did not understand the mechanic a great way to shot themselves in the foot. This game is HARD as it is and I think that the developers removed this mechanic from the game because it added very little and just made the game harder to approach by new players.

The mechanic of how livestock could be slaughtered for food in emergencies also changed but again the scenario is almost identical. A mechanic was in place that gave the player the illusion of choice. But in the end there was only one "right" way to do it. So all you really did was give the player an opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot.
Does kinda sound like "dumbing down".
i would just want a proper resolution patch or a windowed mode that isn't shitty(adding "-w" to the shortcut creates a ridiculous window within a window).oh and an option to keep playing after winning the short or long game.

as for other features i want, i guess i should wait the sequel.
high rated
I had the possibility to try the Steam-version of the game - a good friend bought it on my advice... I think I'll have to buy him a beer or two for it, because I'm deeply shocked by what I saw there: The whole graphical design (buttons, the ratio between the displayed elements, the downright ugly green help-screens...) is absolutely terrible, the standard-font is ugly, there are touch-screen-control-elements left... The whole graphical design, in the original like a organic whole, is ripped apart: The season-image is tiny and thus misses the impression of importance, the portraits of the elders are far too small to look important, the impressive "runestone" is removed, the intelligently and immersively designed menu in the middle of the screen with its archaic symbols is now a bare and explained list on the left side... or to express it simply: In the original game the whole graphical design (GUI, images etc.) worked to enhance the experience, every part was not only functional but also had its share on the immersiveness of the game. This wholeness is now ripped apart to fulfil the needs of "modern" mobile-users. The special aesthetic that is part of the original game has been destroyed in the new version imho. Please compare the two screenshots to know what I'm speaking of.
The only thing probably better than in the GOG-version is the music - as it sounds clearer. And the additional scenes. I'm really shocked what a uninspired and cheap port this is. I for my part stay with the classic version here on GOG now.
Please read user Lord Martin's review on Steam - the guy is absolutely right and describes the issues very detailed.
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I was afraid that the updated version on steam would be the lazier variety of mobile port. Reminds me of Square-Enix's "remakes" of older FF titles on Steam lately.

It's truly a shame, KoDP should be treated with more respect than that. It's great on a mobile device but that sort of thing never translates well in this case. At least it has a Mac port (don't even try the original with Wineskin as you can only play it right with a big black boarder inside your window), but I'm not sure if that's worth it.
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wa wa wee wa!