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As a clever soul mentioned in this thread:

There is an ios version of this game. I'm not sure if it's out for android, so if someone with an android device could check their marketplace to see if there is, that'd be neat.

Anyway, I have both the GoG version and the ios version and I highly recommend getting it for ios.

It's a more up to date version that's still updated with patches and best of all, it won't destroy the resolution on your computer.

It's only out for Iphone but I play it on my Ipad, unlike many Iphone games it doesn't really suffer when you 2x the size on your screen and in my opinion they could have just released it for the Ipad in it's current form.

So, if you've got an Iphone or Ipad, I suggest you go checkout the app and consider getting it, because it's worth it.
The iOS version is somewhat different, and as a purist I would always recommend the original, as I'm sure a lot of others would too. Yes, some bugs got fixed and the whole thing was rewritten from scratch, but at the same time, there were some simplifications made, an the smaller screen estate does not do well for the quality of the graphics and experience of playing the game. An iPad version is in the works, though, which will solve those problems.

Although, in the end, if you're supporting the developer then that's fine whichever version you buy, but the PC version is a classic and I think any GoG users being typical GoG users will ultimately do better by that.
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Hmmm... I'd recommend against the game on smaller i-phone screens though. A friend of mine showed it on his i-phone and it was tiny.... Bad for the eyes tiny.
I will recommend it if one owns an IPad, since the larger screen is the right size for the game and after last patch the UI was improved by a lot.
However the PC version has the advantage of being able to have multiple saves, so that one can have multiple playthrough with different clans.
The game does now fully support iPad.

A friend showing you the game is not a truly fair test, unless you got to hold the device and play. You hold an iPhone differently than an iPad or a laptop, each need their own user interface. And while the art is obviously smaller on iPhone, the text is better (a LOT better on a retina display).

The game was not rewritten from scratch for iOS; the user interface was. It is essentially the same game.
I have both the PC version and the iphone version (I had the iphone version for my pad and hopefully it'll now convert to the ipad version).

It's one of those games that are just perfect for a smart device, very nice to kill time with now and then.

The UI I feel, also lends itself well to a smart device. I really hope more game developers try to use the potential in touch technology and make games suited for it, rather than wrestle with converting other inputs.
This is actually the only reason I'm considering buying an iPad. Does this version have any new events or stuff like that?
Would get it if it wasn't that expensive.
cw8: Would get it if it wasn't that expensive.
No better tablet for $329 though!
Does anyone know if there are plans for android release?
Altris: Does anyone know if there are plans for android release?
They mentioned the biggest hurdle is Android market not allowing apps above a size limit of.. was it 50MB or 100?
Anyway, less than what KoDP would need.
BS from the devs regarding Google Play Store, the file limit is 4 gb in total.
Sufferwell: BS from the devs regarding Google Play Store, the file limit is 4 gb in total.
So it is. Seems to have been upped from 50 MB to 4 GB mid this year.
The reason was valid last year when KoDP was made (ios version weighs in at 232 MB)

Maybe an android version is coming, I wonder if the developers have noticed.
I wonder if IOS version sold well enough to warrant the effort.
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