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I've resolved a feud with another tribe and had the option of starting a tribe together. A prompt to type a name appeared, which I did. But then the game got stuck, and I could not click proceed. No crash, just a freeze - I can still hear the music. Anyone knows what is going on?
I had a CTD while doing the same.

I had quite a few ctd's when playing the new version in 10 mostly when i try to build a shrine of some god i forget the name now.
Same problem as OP. Specifically trying to pick a name myself for the tribe (meaning: type one into a pop-up text box) stalls the game on clicking 'proceed' - this isn't a full freeze as the music keeps looping and the game's RAM requirement occasionally increases, though not up to memory leak levels.

For anyone having the same issue, choosing a name via divination worked fine and allowed me to proceed. So, not a completely game-breaking bug, but still a major nuisance for a game revolving on putting one's own stamp on the world.
Same problem here,after several tries - Force-Quitting and restarting,Verifying the installation and Restarting,etc.-To no avail.
Not that it will help you much, but under Windows 7 this never is a problem (from my expereince). Looks like a W10 issue?
Same thing here. Freeze, no crash.
Windows 10