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Things got a little rough and my Weaponthanes all took their torque ring things off and went on strike!

I thought, ok, I can weather this, maybe they`ll come back. They didn`t. Several seasons go by, all I have are my foot soldiers who are rubbish without the WeaponThanes. Now our rival Clan has noticed this and is attacking us over and over, kicking us upside the head! they even have the gall to expect tribute now and when i said `NO` they kicked our ass all over the place.

Nothing I do gets the Weapon Thanes back. I can`t give them gifts because they won`t Highlight. Sacrifices to the gods don`t work. Even when I get a wandering Housecarl join, he too vanishes like he`s forced to go on strike.

It`s getting desperate now and I sense that soon my Clan is going to be totally crushed.

How do i get my weaponthanes back or should I start a new game.
Post edited October 23, 2012 by Socratatus
Have you consulted with your advisors? My guess is someone is mentioning why, and it has to do with the fact that weaponthanes ride to battle…

Also, sometimes paying tribute is cheaper than getting your ass kicked all over the place.
The advisors don`t to have anything new to add. I`ve checked them.

I can`t get the Weaponthanes to ride to battle because there are none. I need to get them back.
If you have no horses (which I suspect), surely one of the advisors would mention this.
Ok, thanks for your response. Been busy with work.

Strange, the adviser says I need more horses indeed. But I have 70 and still I need more. Finally, at about 80 I was able to have one Thane. It was all too late by this time, but next time in a new game I shall watch for this. may help (or the longer version at