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I´ve read in an user review on gog that this version is far older than the steam version and didn´t get all of the updates. However, this review was written a few month ago. Is this current version on par with the steam version now?
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Earlier only the 1999 version was on the GOG store but they recently replaced it with the mobile port which is the same as on the Steam store.
But the original 1999 version of the game is still available for download when you buy KODP on GOG, which to my knowledge, steam doesn't provide.
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ok, great. thanks for the quick reply. :)
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New GOG version is 1.0.5, but Steam' is 1.1.15
We have to wait again...
ERISS: New GOG version is 1.0.5, but Steam' is 1.1.15
We have to wait again...
Late reply but it's still relevant as the GOG version is still 1.0.5. I was thinking playing the game again and when I noticed the game had been updated on Steam (which fixed the initial blowback by old timers according to a few people there) I downloaded it immediately but I want the latest version.
Dang, GOG isn't getting the content patches? Or is it just a version numbering thing? The last update here came last December I think.
I've contacted HeroCraft's support via email and after some confusion and misunderstanding they have confirmed that the GOG's version here is the same as one available at Steam.

Below is their answering line:
I just got an information that the version on GOG is the same as on Steam (please don't be confused about numbers of versions).