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Wanted to try this game again now that I got some RuneQuest rulebooks on the way, but it's quite hard to play when I can't read up on any lore or use the Info screen at the beginning. They both show the sand-coloured backgrounds and UI buttons, but there's no actual picture or text. It's just an empty background while the music is playing. Is this a known thing? Anyone know how to solve this? I've tried running the game in multiple resolutions, either in windowed or full-screen mode, but to no avail.
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Read the other posts. You will find out that it has been already discussed. I have spent some time negotiating with Herocraft, and the bug is real, but they don't seem to bother. It affects you only when your screen resolution is greater than I think 2K, because on my old Android tablet it's okay in 2K res, but not okay on a display slightly over 2K.

I would not hold my breath for them to correct it - old, fantastic games fall into broken disrepair while cashgrab trash MMOs are the order of the day.