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Hi! Just bought the game after hearing some good things about it. However, on my Windows 7 64-bit when I try to run it (I installed in C:\games) it just changes the resolution, tells me I am now running the computer in basic colors mode, shows the splash screen (with start new game, etc), freezes instantly and crashes. Couldn't find any solutions (or anyone with similar problems) googling around for this, anyone know a solution?
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Try running the game as Admin.

Make sure you aren't running Chrome, any sort of Nokia suite programs, third-party mouse software i.e. the software that Logitech uses for their mice and keyboards, make sure your antivirus is off.

Please keep in mind that while my response may seem odd at first glance but a lot of this was gleaned either from personal experience or what other forum members have experienced.

If after doing all that I suggested above you are still experiencing issues, please write to our Support department and we'll get you sorted out ASP :D.
I shut down all but the most basic windows processes and the game still freezes and crashes on the splash screen. I use a logitech mouse and keyboard but there are no logitech processes running...
JudasIscariot: third-party mouse software i.e. the software that Logitech uses for their mice and keyboards
I had same problem with same operation system, as the original poster. Closing Logitech setpoint (keyboard/mouse configuration system) helped.