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Couple of questions for those who might know:

1) Does this game support multiplayer by LAN, or do you *have* to go through a remote server?

2) If you can play across a LAN, do you still have to set up an account with TransHuman Design to do so?

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So this is yet another game on GOG where the multiplayer is locked up by DRM.
high rated
I have decided against buying 2 copies of "King Arthur's Gold" to play against my daughter, because of the DRM this game contains. It was a slightly surreal experience trying to explain about DRM and principles (remember those GOG?) to a seven-year-old, and why we were not going to play KAG after all.

Although this is a subjective issue, I have no problem with requiring online activation with multi-player games when you're playing on the publisher's or developer's servers. To my mind that's checking that you've paid for the s/w in order to access a service that they are providing and paying for.

What I do have a problem with is that KAG requires online activation to play on a LAN when one of the machines on the LAN is hosting a local server. All my own work, so to speak - nothing to do with them. This is, in my opinion, definitely DRM.

In three years' time, if my daughter and I pull our old paid-for installers out of mothballs to play a nostalgic game against each other, we won't be able to if the KAG authentication server is no longer around. That's the primary reason I came to GOG 5 years and 180 games ago.

This is DRM, and I feel that GOG is being disingenuous when they say "DRM free" just because *part* of the purchase is DRM-free.

p.s. Sorry, I forgot to say thanks to triock for the link to the answer to my original question.
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You are right, DRM free means that the seller of the product trusted you to not run the same copy on multiple machines.
Terraria did that right. I can now (or as long as I live, with or without internet) play this one copy of the game with a friend over IP. Doesn't mean that ATM it's OK, though. relogic trusted us on this, and we honored them by buying two copies.
It should very clearly marked by GOG that in King Arthur's Gold, only the single player component is DRM free.
I'm passing on this one too. Already bought a 4-pack on Steam so the only way I'd purchase again is if it were truly DRM-Free!
I just bought the game but when I try to play multiplayer I get a message saying that I dont have the full version of the game and I should buy it, i contact the creators of the game and it answered me:

You have to request special multi-player key from GOG which you redeem at our website - You need to log in there first with your account.

What am I supposed to do now?
Thank you for explaining the Multiplayer LAN problems with King Arthurs Gold.
I just picked it up on a sale and because its Linux compatible, but now finding that there is no offline multi-player or LAN capability.
I wanted to play with my wife and two daughters and now found that I have to buy 4 copies of the game and register 4 accounts.

Where is good old Terraria Offline LAN when you need it?

I read how I can create a localhost but they can't join, probably because their game isn't activated for multi-player. So do I need to purchase 4 copies wtih 4 GOG accounts then I can host the server?
Thanks for the warning and this thread. Wow, that's the third game with local LAN multiplayer gated behind DRM I stumbled upon in the last few weeks. I had this game on my steam wishlist, then transferred it to my gog wishlist the moment I discovered it's on here. At the moment the game is on sale, I saw the multiplayer feature on the store website and checked the forum to look this up.
It's sad and awful that that's something you have to do on gog nowadays. Just convenient you can't easily access the forum vie the store in gog galaxy....

However, drm gated LAN is an awesome feature to clean one's wishlist., thank you gog.
Adding my voice in agreement. This is a no-go with multi-player DRM. I really wanted this one too.

I certainly hope this isn't going to be a trend on GOG as I have now seen a few games like this. People who support DRM games will be in for a sad awakening someday when they want to play their old favorites years from now and simply will not be able to.

I would rather spend my cash supporting developers who actually sell their games, not rent them.
King Arthur's Gold is now free to play