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I purchased this game a year or two ago, but couldn't play it on my laptop (My newest and primary gaming computer) because it has a 4k monitor and the resolution completely screws up the UI. Unfortunately I tried different things, but couldn't get it to work.

I finally installed it on my desktop, which I got around the time this game was released. I could not stop playing it! The camera is limited and annoying, but the game is great and that's my only complaint about it. I think it actually does Total War better than the actual series does. I actually have Warhammer Total War and enjoy the King Arthur Collection more. It helps to be based on such great European lore. I've been interested in the lore since I was a child and, other than European culture being cut out around the world, I really don't know how there aren't many more good games based on it.

I found that a sequel and expansion to the sequel were released a year after Fallen Champions and am wondering if Got has any chance of offering it? I would really love to complete the collection and get the sequel, so if GoG will never offer it, I'll get it from Steam or the Paradox store. I would really rather get it from GoG, so any information will be greatly appreciated!
Wholeheartedly second this ^
And after having got aquainted with other NeoCore strategy/RPG gems - Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come and Lionheart: The Kings' Crusade - I'd wish to see 'em here too (and purchase, of course, despite the fact I already got 'em on Steam).
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Your wish came true, dude :)
Very glad the sequel came to GOG! I'd like to add my support for Lionheart: The Kings' Crusade & Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come to come here as well. They're all good games.