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Question for the devs:

I absolutely love the art style you have gone with for Kim. I think it looks gorgeous and is also quite clear and easy to understand. But I was really surprised to learn that the countryside sections are procedurally generated as they look hand drawn and it's hard to see how you could achieve such great looking results this way..
So my question is, what techniques did you use to generate the landscapes so they look so natural?

Hi adaliabooks, great to hear you like Kim's art style. Everything in Kim was drawn by our artist, Sam (@Baron_Blackmore). For towns, he drew the whole level in four layers (important for what is above/below other stuff and casting shadows). In the countryside, we procedurally place a selection of vegetation, houses, etc onto the level, based on where it is in the map of India. So the procedural element is the selection, position, rotation, number and size of each element in the level but the assets are hand-drawn.

As for how we get the composition of elements to look natural, we start by adding the big stuff: roads, rivers, etc and then drop houses and vegetation randomly but as we add more elements, later additions are positioned more and more in relation to what is there already based on rules and limits e.g. for how near to other things different types of thing can spawn. We tinkered with it a lot until we got it to feel organic - we had an easy way to spawn level after level to test changes. Hope that answers your question, feel free to ask more!