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Just here asking about a developer website that might share more information, or maybe have an official forum.

I've been interested in this game since it was posted, but there were some issues when I tried to Google the developers. If you search "The Secret Game Company" on Google, you get a website with suspicious popups (adult pop-ups on phone or PC). The description on Google is also suspicious, as it's just a bunch of words better attributed to pornography and not a game developer. (note: the website from Google is the same address as the one in their kickstarter.)

At the very least, it may be an error from Google, and it would be nice to let the developers know so it can be fixed. So, if anyone has their email, that would be great! I'll just forward this along to them, and let them contact Google.

So, until the website is fixed, or if you don't have adblocker, you may not want to visit it. (This seems to be only a problem with searching on Google.)

Edit: Nope, did a quick check, while the site info on Bing is correct, the website still has adult pop-ups when accessed from Bing.
Post edited September 11, 2016 by addictedtosleep
Thanks for raising this, we also had an email from a player, who had noticed this. Our website was infected by some malware, which is causing these problems. Our web developer is fixing it at the moment and it should be sorted out in the next day or two. We're very sorry to anyone, who experiences these issues in the meantime.

As for an official forum, we check both the GOG and Steam forums regularly and are happy to answer any questions you might have :)
Website is good now: