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First of all I just want to thank you for a great game. I love how the survival of Kim is a puzzle in itself and how new adventures unfold with each playthrough. I do have a few minor suggestions though:

1. It would be nice if [ESC] could get out of any overlay (map, suitcase, quests log, etc) and back to the main game screen.

2. Begging without lama could maybe result in a small merit hit, like -1 or -2 each time, whether the begging was successful or not. Also if begging fails with a particular vendor their opinion of Kim could drop as well, maybe by -5 then their price might increase. A bit of a risk/reward feedback there.

3. Anytime I get reunited with lama I would recommend the "Travel With/Without Lama" switch automatically be set to "With"...I have accidentally left lama behind more than once by forgetting to toggle this on my way out of town.

That's all for now...thanks again!
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Ahhhh...I suppose I should have posted under the wishlist apologies.
No problem, thanks for the feedback and great to hear you're enjoying it! I like your suggestions, #1 and #3 are very sensible and easy to implement so we'll definitely add those. #2 requires more thought but I think an opinion penalty after an NPC refuses a begging request would be cool - feels true to life! We've been busy on Update 2, which is very nearly ready so look out for these changes in Update 3 in about 2 weeks time :)
Excellent! I can't wait for the next release.

I guess my concern with begging is that Kim can essentially beg with impunity without any consequence. It's not clear what the % is for begging success, and whether it depends on traits, religion, or other factors. I think the begging mechanic is a really cool feature, but I don't know why I would ever not do it.
Yeah I know what you mean, it's always good to have a positive and negative effect attached to an option like this so it's an interesting decision. Our docket is full for Update 3 but I have a task to review begging in light of your suggestions, which I like. Right now, the only cost to begging is the time it takes, which is negligible, so we'll definitely make some changes to this, which will likely arrive in Update 4.
Just to let you know, with the arrival of update 4, all three of your suggestions are now in the game!
Oh nice! I will check it out!