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Hello good people of GOG community,

While enjoying Killing Time and slowly nearing the end, a rather annoying bug has started showing up regularly:
When I load a saved game, no matter how much health I have, 15% or 100%, i get killed by a single shot or a single source of damage, such as stepping into fire for a mere second, which makes progressing through this game impossible. When I played this game about 10 years ago on a original version, I did not encounter this bug then.

Did anyone encounter this bug before and found a fix/workaround for it?
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I've encountered the issue as well. Currently found no way of fixing it. However, I also noticed a different but related issue - when I had 100% hp and got hit by a fireball, like the ones shot by the floating skull enemies, my health jumped to 200% and then got reduced by 10 or so damage that the fireball dealt.