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Does anyone know how you could capture the game in OBS? When I try to capture it in OBS with game capture or display capture the game always only shows up in a small window in the top left corner and also all the colors are totally messed up. But there has to be a working way because it was streamed on the GOG Twitch channel some time ago and all looked good back then. I just don't know what to do to make it finally work. Any help would be very much appreciated.
One thread about streaming DOSBox games in fullscreen

Another thread about fullscreen capture

The color issue - no idea. If you remember who streamed the game for GOG, it might be of benefit to ask them how they captured it and if they experienced similar issues.

(I realize the game isn't ran through DOSBox, but figured the solutions provided in the threads might be transferable of sorts - never streamed anything personally, so my own experiences are limited)
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Through the use of dgVoodoo I was able to get the game run in OBS using game capture (config screen attached). But since Killing Time is a total b**** of a game something that worked before does not work anymore now. I'm talking about the 4 main cutscenes in the game (Intro, final boss video, the two endings).

Everything else that was not working before (ingame ghost cutscenes not playing, ALT+ENTER to toggle windowed/full screen) was fixed through dgVoodoo which is awesome. Now it's about finding a way to make the 4 cutscenes work and then this game would finally be without any major flaws.
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