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I just downloaded and installed this today, so it should be the latest version on GOG (3?)

I redefined the strafe left and right as the arrow keys (using the in-game menu).
However, they just rotate the view. It's like playing Doom 1 on keyboard with a broken strafe key. This is in the first bit you can move in (some houses and snow) after the intro.

How do I set the arrow keys as strafe left and right?

Possibly related: the game seems to lose my in-game keybindings every time I reload it (even though I clicked "apply").

I also tried editing Input.ini in C:\games\Kholat\Kholat\Intermediate\Config\CoalescedSourceConfigs
That didn't work; I also noticed that when I quit the game and open that file again, it has also reset to the defaults.

Any help with getting the controls to work would be appreciated!

NB I don't have a controller plugged in, just mouse and keyboard.
Post edited March 11, 2016 by kdgog