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As mentioned, not sure how else to put it.

EDIT: YongYea has put up a nice video going into detail.
Post edited June 04, 2020 by MegisED
KSP is a niche game. It appeals to nerds and engineers. It lovingly embraces technical detail that more mainstream games won’t (because it might limit appeal). That’s what makes it so great. It demonstrates what is possible if you DON’T design a game in the boardroom. Only an indie developer could have made KSP. The personal care, passion, integrity, and dedication to a vision is evident at every turn. The frequent free updates all address genuine issues and always improve the game. DRM free is the icing on the cake.

KSP2 could have been a brilliant evolution of the same ethos. Not any more.

Do you think the disgusting corporate murderer T2 has the same passion and integrity?

They killed KSP2 and they want US TO PAY FOR IT. It makes me angry. Giving them any money at all is being complicit. It’s telling T2 that what they did was OK and it worked.

I will be voting with my wallet. I encourage others to do the same. If I ever play KSP2 it will be an ‘unofficial’ version. They can f**k right off. Corporate scum.