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I'm building a comms network as early stages of the game. The idea is to put three unmanned probes on the same orbit around Kerbin at relatively same distance from each other. This is made to ensure signal from another side of planet when KSP center is the only transmitting point on surface of Kerbin.

Problem I'm getting is kind of trivial, but not very easy to solve. (for me at least). Then I put second satellite in orbit, I noted that the first satellite is catching up. This, I believe, is not a trick of perspective, but slight misalignment in orbits.

Now, my network probes are real barebones. All they have is couple of solar panels, antennas and batteries. Engine is ditched after satellite is placed, so I can't move them freely yet. (I'm going to build a space tug and rethink satellite design later) This means initial placement must be perfect in order to ensure signal at all times.

I guess I could throw in more satellites, but what could guarantee they wouldn't buch up on the other side of the planet the day I desperately need them?

So I'm asking if anyone could suggest mods for better orbital trajectory planning. I'm not doing that by hand - it would exced my effort limit.
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