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It's been a little while since I was active with KSP so after downloading/installing the 1.1 upgrade I checked it out (to validate it still ran for me and to explore the changes). Anyway, I loaded a saved game which says I have two flights in progress. Unfortunately the Tracking Center only lists one flight. How can I find the other flight? It may be a plane flight which I landed at that nearby air field but it doesn't show in the map.

Silly me. The other "flight" was a flag I had planted on an attempted round-the-world areoplane flight. The craft was recovered a long time ago but the flag was still there. Had to toggle on flags in the Tracking Station world map view.
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I wonder if NASA has these problems? :P
tinyE: I wonder if NASA has these problems? :P
No idea about NASA, but Roskosmos uses Waypoint Manager mod. :PP