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I've been playing the vanilla version non-stop since I bought it last year and finally decided to check out some mods:

KIS (version 1.2.10)
Planetary Base Inc (version 1.1.1)
Station Science (version 2)

I unzipped them to my game data folder and (most) of the part models appear in-game but, ultimately, no luck getting them to work properly. (eg: context menus for parts don't appear, parts don't behave as intended, etc.)

What things should I know about getting and installing mods for this game?
1. GOG version is absolutely identical with KSP distributed from Squad site.
2. The mods go into Gamedata folder, but make sure they reside in individual folders.

Example path (Linux):


Make sure you have lastest version of ModuleManager.dll in GameData, and no other copies in any of the subfolders.
The "ModuleManager" is most important mod, which job is to automatically update original files with changes provided in mods.

I highly recommend you also either CKAN or KSP-AVC. The earlier is a tool to automatically install and update mods using common catalogue. Most of the mods are on CKAN (but not all). The second, is a mod which automatically checks for updates and changelogs and notifies if any mod is outdated. This one is very good if you prefer manual mod installation.
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