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Is the Linux version of 1.12.2 only late or will it be missing for ever?
Mac version too - really for GOG it's starting to look more and more like only Windows gets supported.
1.12.2 contains a Linux fix for the scroll wheel direction that I am really interested to have.
I opened a support ticket on the issue, hopefully that will help speed it along.
DStaal: I opened a support ticket on the issue, hopefully that will help speed it along.
So do I, the answer is that the new version is "on its way and should be available to us ASAP. (...) The product team is aware of the issue".
Steam has the game and all DLCs on sale for $22 at the moment. I'm wondering how long I should wait before switching.

(GOG is generally getting less Mac-friendly I've noticed - and I've seen several new games they've advertised that I know have Mac/Linux versions that GOG isn't offering, despite them selling the game. Including one on the front page of the site right now.)
It's now been one month (released August 3; it's now September 3), and the Linux and Mac versions of 1.12.2 are still not available on GOG.
Strangely enough it was marked as "Updated" at my account today but as far as I can see nothing has changed, switched between Mac, Linux, Windows and some different languages, the version numbers are still unchanged.

Very odd.
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The Linux version of 1.12.2 just showed up on GOG (on September 4th, 2021), but the Mac version is still missing. It's been 32 days since 1.12.2 was released.
Mac version now also appears to be 1.12.2

Downloading the Linux version at the moment.