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Development Info

Kenshi started development in 2006 as a one-man project. In 2013, it hit early access as one of the first games to debut on Greenlight and made enough funding for Chris, the founder, to quit his job and work on it full time. After a year in Early Access, Lo-Fi Games was eventually able to expand to a small team of six. We're hoping for a full release within the next 12 months.

Useful Links

Road Map
Trello Development Page
Official Dev Blog
About The Team
Bug Reporting/ Crashdump Upload
Video Tutorial (French)
Kenshi Wiki
Facebook Page
What Is Kenshi?


Question: This game has been in development for 10 years, why so long?
Answer: The head Dev, Chris, started working on the game when he worked full time as a security guard. So during that time he worked on kenshi part time. Only in 2013 did Kenshi start making enough money to fund full time development and a team.

Question: When are updates supposed to come out? Is there a time table for them?
Answer: There is no set schedule for when updates come out, larger updates with new features/content may take a couple of months whereas stability fixes may be released daily after a new build. If you prefer, you can now help test newest releases by opting-in to the experimental version on Galaxy.

Question: Will there be Multiplayer or co-op or lan?
Answer: No. Due to the engine and custom modules used, Kenshi is single player only.

Question: Will there be a Mac port?
Answer: No, sorry.

Question: Will there be vehicles or airships or horses and pets in Kenshi?
Answer: Currently there are only pack mules and pets but no vehicles or mounts.

Question: Will there be guns in Kenshi?
Answer: No, there will not.

Question: When will Kenshi support my language?
Answer: Kenshi only supports English right now, although many modders are starting to translate the game unofficially. So far there is a Spanish, French and German mod.

Question: Is this game set in post apocalyptic? Or Earth?
Answer: Its an alternative world, with no links to reality or earth.

Question: What does Kenshi Mean?
Answer: Kenshi stands for Swordsman in Japanese. 健志, Takeshi.

Question: I bought Kenshi on a different website but I want a GOG key. Can I redeem it on GOG?
Answer: No, sorry, we are unable to convert keys purchased elsewhere.

Question: I make Kenshi videos on YouTube, can I monetize them?
Answer: Go ahead, you have our permission.

Question: What Engine(s) does Kenshi Use?
It uses the Ogre engine:
The terrain engine is Advantage
The tools are custom, one of them is Scythe:
Pathing AI 64bit Havok engine

Question: I have a laptop with 2 video cards. At startup the game only recognises the crappy onboard card, but does not list the good one.
Answer: Its a problem with nVidias Optimus driver stuff. To fix this, you need to go into the nVidia control panel and add the game there. Once the game is added, you need to explicitly set it to use the nVidia card instead of Intel as that's not the default setting when you add a new game. Same if you have the problem with an ATI card, you need to add kenshi in the ATI Catalyst Control panel.

Question: I tried the nVidia control panel thing you said, but the kenshi launcher still only shows my crappy Intel card
Answer: Don't worry, the launcher is lying. If you did the fix shown above then the game will run using your nVidia card.
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