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By now I collected about 5 or 6 Inquisitors in my Prisontower (one of them even named with a 40k bounty). All lead squads to my city state to erm... show their disappointment about my decision to hand over the Bugmaster to the Stone Golem and ally myself with the Shek. So... can I use these 6 Dustwich munchers to move the rep back from -74 to 0? Is it even worth it since for some reason they start to loose cities to the Shek (probably where too concerned to sent troops all the way down to the spider plains instead of caring about stuff in their more immediate surroundings).

still not sure if that works; but since my faction got a reputation as "the Inquisitor killer" (I never killed one; I merely collected them. Inquisitor Self-Esteem killer maybe :P) I decided to give them (+ one named I collected at Okram Shield) to the UC for a little +20 boost each (named only) and accepted that my mainchar has the role as the HNs newest boogeywoman.

Kind of a relief; even in just their prison suit having Seta and 6 other Inquisitors in one room became a bit scary.
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