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One of the game starts has your 6th character with a 20K bounty with the HN. Is there any way to clear that, or is the character permanently at risk in HN territory. A Pacifier can fix negative Relations with a faction, but will not clear a bounty.

At this point, I'm considering having one of my other squad members carry the character to a HN city and turn them in for the bounty, then have the character (hopefully) escape. I don't know if being imprisoned/enslaved will clear the bounty, after which laying low for a few days will remove the temporary "escaped slave" effect, or if the bounty will remain a permanent hindrance to the character even if they manage to get away.

[ Update - The bounty is not cleared when they are turned in, only after they serve their 400 hour (17 in-game days) sentence.]

[ Update 2 - Well, this run is a mess. Bonedogs swarmed The Hub, killing the Barman and guards, as well as the local Shinobi Thieves Guild Boss, 2 Ninjas, and several other residents, many of them still healing from a previous attack. There was a Bonedog fighting the guards when my party arrived, and then 3 more of them came through the gate near the bar. Less than a minute later, 3 more dogs came through the other gate and joined the fight. My weak party got torn up pretty badly and hid in the bar until all of the dogs finally left, by which time most of the town population had bled to death and/or been eaten.

The party then went to Stack, but there were 10-12 more bonedogs on the road just outside of aggro range of the main gate. We went around them as best we could, then raced to the gate. Mayhem ensued, and a second attack struck the west gate. The guards eventually managed to kill all of the dogs, but took heavy losses in the process. Reputation with HRE went up a lot after bandaging several downed Paladins, including 2 of the harpoon operators on the walls. I've NEVER seen as many bonedogs in a group before as I have repeatedly encountered in this run, or coordinated attacks on both gates. My still-squishy party doesn't have the skills and equipment to fight either Bonedogs or Dust Bandits, and I've only seen two parties of Hungry Bandits so far, both of them fighting Bonedogs, so we've gained zero combat experience. With The Hub depopulated, Bonedogs running amok in large numbers, and my best fighter incarcerated for another 15-16 in-game days, I figure it's best to just restart. ]
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Holy Nation is a PITA, especially when playing as non-human. I just destroy them in my game.