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I'm surprised this gets such high reviews, the textual content and grammar etc is worse than primary school level. That's without the crashes on save, dodgy pathfinding and so on. How or why are they charging so much? I guess because people pay, but its a shame. For the cost, it needs to be a lot more polished.

Are there any mods out there that update/fix the countless spelling/grammar issues?

Any mods out there that fix the stability? This crashes every time I close the app. Crashes often on saving. Path finding sees the characters running back and forth like headless chickens quite often without manual intervention.

Frustrated I bought this after reading glowing reviews. There might be good mechanics tucked away in there, but what a subpar execution. GOG won't refund it unfort.
As a side note, I'm surprised some can learn to code while showing such a lack of care about their ability to write. Because they can, that's clear, despite the bugs. Just feels like willful ignorance, or English as a third language and a dogged inability to get someone else to help out in that department.
Would you be able to provide some screenshots of spelling and grammar issues you are referring to? I do know there are cases where various characters will speak in odd or dumbed down ways because they are either unique or have a dumb personality type. You may even find some characters that are mute.

The game was developed in the UK by English speaking people as far as I am aware. They do get community support for their non-English translations. You might be able to learn more about the creator and team that made the game, in the link below.

As for mods, I suggest heading to the link below to see what mods might be available to you.
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