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Not gonna buy Kenshi 2
I wonder how did you end up fuking up your engine, when I need to restart the WHOLE game to stop freezes and lags??? Couldn't you just CLEAR memory every time you load save file??? I've found out recently, that while your moronic engine overloaded, characters who were assigned to carry prisoners will loose them since they wont LOAD and simply disappear aborting quest lines for some nations. FUK IT. Have not played like a year, but now freezes and lags just gerw worse. Nice updates. Would have refund the game, but gog wont allow it. But for sure I wont buy Kenshi 2
Post edited September 20, 2019 by Wrath-Amon
Kenshi 2 will be using the unreal engine instead of the inhouse built Engine it currently uses.

also if your having that much difficulty playing the game then it means only one thing
your system is not powerful enough

you need least 6gb of ram min, recommended is to have 12 to 16.
Kenshi si single core coded Engine, this makes for a lot of performance issues, so having a CPU that can handle single core will up your performance
it is recommended that you install Kenshi onto a SSD to decrease or nearly remove most loading lag.
Post edited October 04, 2019 by HaTsUnE_NeKo